5 Ways to Get a 10/10 Quality Score in Google Ads

5 Ways to Get a 10/10 Quality Score in Google Ads

This article will help you to learn everything about improving google ads quality score step by step.

usually, google ads advertisers are able to get quality scores only after the campaign is live sometimes it will take 3 days (72 hours)

the bitter thing about keywords is having high search volume and getting low ad rank due to avg or below the average quality score this will not stop here make you end with a high CPC


The one weapon which you can use against High CPC is Good Quality Score.

Google hate this KPI to show your ads by cutting your CPC.

Check How Quality Score Effects CPC

  • 10 = CPC cut by 50%
  • 9 = CPC cut by 44.20%
  • 8 = CPC cut by 37.50%
  • 7 = CPC cut by 28.60%
  • 6 = CPC cut by 16.70%
  • 5 = BenchMark (Actual CPC)
  • 4 = CPC Increased by 25%
  • 3 = CPC Increased by 67.30%
  • 2 = Increases by 150%
  • 1 = Increased by 400%

So what is your keywords quality score?

if it’s below 5 you need to optimise to get > 7 to expect some quality enquiries or sales followed by a good ranking

Here I am sharing 5 steps to boost your Quality Score

  1. Use SKAG (Single Keywords Adgroup) campaigns
  2. Apply keyword-level URL along with UTM params
  3. Write 3 RSA (Responsive Search Ads) For each adgroup
    • Pinned headlines to the same positions
    • Unpinned Headlines
    • Indirect ETA by pinning 3 Headlines
  4. Add the main keyword in URL & H1 of page title along with SEO Title
  5. Increase the avg. session duration to >1 minute to expect a great landing page experience (for this you need to link google ads with google analytics)

roll your sleeves now and head over to implement those 5 things and & don’t forget to share your results. if you need help in implementing them book a 60 Minutes FREE Consultation [$497 Value] with Me Here & watch step-by-step optimisation sitting over my shoulder

I will see you inside

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