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Quality score is one of the important KPIs you need to focus on to improve your performance in Google ads competition but, improving it to >7/10 is really hardest for most business which has a $10-$30 per day budget.

Today I am sharing my 3 simple hacks to improve google ads quality score for any keyword to >7/10 no matter what niche is your business and how strong the competition you have. here you go

  • SQR to SEO Data
  • Keyword Level Final URL
  • DKI in Ad Headlines

SQR to SEO Data

  • Do the SQR analysis of top performing keywords and pick all the relevant search terms and add them to the Landing page SEO Data & content (if possible create a para or section around those search terms
  • Add high-performing keywords as alt-tag text to all images on the Landing page

Keyword Level Final URL

we all know that there is a Final URL in ad copies & site links ad extensions

Did you know that there is an option to add the Final URL to the keyword


Add utm_term=keyword in the Final URL

for ex: keyword = Pets for Sale


DKI in Ad Headlines

Expanded text ads are dead and now and the future is all about RSA (responsive search ads)

so we have the flexibility to use 15 headlines and 4 descriptions maximum to get a relevant audience with

relevant ad text.

What is DKI?

DKI = Dynamic Keyword Insertion

if you are using STAG (Single Theme Adgroup) in the campaign Use DKI in ad headlines

for ex: Keyword: deep cleaning service

you can try headline > Looking For {KeyWord:?}

It will work like = Looking For Deep Cleaning Services?

Some more Examples of DKI

  • Need of {KeyWord:?}
  • {Keyword:} Nearby
  • {Keyword:} Online

Try these 3 hacks today and let me know if you noticed any change in Quality history

Note: in order to measure the change in quality score add columns to your keywords list Quality Score (hist.) so that you can measure it easily add it like this

I hope you find some value in this article

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