3 Oversmart Things You Should Never Try in Google Ads

Stories I listened to while taking FREE Google ads consultations from the last few years.

#3 will blows your mind and you will make rush to change that


In this article, I will share my client’s experiences and stories of how they burned $$ by following some common mistakes. After reading this article, I am sure you can avoid 27% of the waste spent on Google Ads on your monthly ad budget.  

Reversing Change History

Over six months or 12 months, sometimes more, you had the same campaign running & with nothing much serious KPI optimizations, you might have seen some good numbers in the conversions column in google ads with expected cost per lead or sale.

up to here, your story is like a smooth flowing river, but one day, you might be thinking of scaling your business to the next level and have thought of changing these three things

  • Doubling the budget
  • Changing bid strategy
  • Changing target areas

Did you change any two from the above 3?

99% of new advertisers will touch these three things and end up messing the campaign and seek professional help to fix

Some advertisers will consider reversing the changes and switching back to old settings and end up with low campaign performance, leading to more confusion, high costs & zero conversions.

Reverting change history will never revert the same results. 

Frequent Optimizations (> twice a Day)

Shyam pal launched a campaign on Monday (12-12-2023)

he waited for 6 hours & noticed only 25 impressions with zero clicks

then he switched campaign bid strategy from manual CPC to maximize clicks

After 6 hours, he saw three clicks and 128 impressions with $27.5 as CPC

his heart sinks, and he switches back to Manual CPC

Later he didn’t get many clicks for the rest of the day.

The next day he changed keyword match types of broad, and after 6 hours, his budget was exhausted and got a red flag (limited by budget)

He increased the budget by 30% and waited for another 6 hours.

The next day, he saw a sudden spike in clicks, with 80% budget completed. Then he paused the campaign and concluded Google ads platform is expensive and does not drive good results.

How many of you are like Shyam Pal?

The problem here is not with Google ads. It’s often optimizations with the greed of getting plug-and-play results.

For every optimization you do at the top level, we need to allow Google ads a minimum of 3-5 days to show the impact. It never works like Plug N Play like Order N Deliver in Zepto.

Frequent Optimizations Will Confuse Google Ads Algorithm & Every tiny change makes it a new version campaign internally, so wait before applying second top-level optimizations.

Auto Recommendations (Wise to be Uncheck)

above two optimizations are intentional with advertiser over smartness. But, this is automatically optimized in the background when you miss opt-out.

if you didn’t keep an eye on this automatic setting, you would automatically get

new ad variations in performing ad groups (with system-generated headlines)

adds new keyword opportunities automatically

adds new dynamic ads automatically

the whole idea of this automated setting is to spend more with google ads with the prediction of getting more conversions which do not happen

I hope you find some value in this article

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